1. Why Golf?

On the surface, goth and sport might not go hand in hand, but if you think about it, is there a more depressing sport than golf? We jest, of course. Golf is (in theory) a non-contact sport which means there won’t be any make-up smudges. It can be played at night with little difficulty (think glow-in-the-dark balls), and doesn’t involve running around.

2. Why Goth?

Why not? We’re a sub-culture that’s largely shunned by mainstream society – and while some may argue that this is purely by choice – it seems only right that we have our own alternative entertainment. If we can mix that with the mainstream golf tournaments to bridge some cultural gaps, then even better!

3. Why do you choose to play at night-time?

Habitually, goths aren’t a fan of the light (in a similar way that Aaron isn’t a fan of the ladies). By conducting golf games at night-time, we reduce the amount of public rubbernecking and create a comfortable environment for goths to express their talent. This is generally doable with the use of select artificial-lighting and the implementation of glow-in-the-dark golf balls.

4. How did this get started?

Gothic Golf began in 2001 as a high school student’s Visual Communication assignment. The concept was refined and realised over the next couple of years and took off with overwhelming interest from the public and limited media coverage.

5. Where can I go to play?

Gothic Golf is a conceptual variation of the game of golf. We share this concept in good faith but don’t offer a venue for play. This site is not connected to any venue and it is up to you to locate such a venue. There are no plans to publish a list however there has been no shortage of interest – perhaps you know someone who knows someone.

6. As goths are totally metal, is there a risk of a lightning strike?

Golf is known for its risk to players during a lightening storm. Unfortunately goths suffer the same vulnerability. If this is a concern to you, we recommend you take a look here.

7. Is that a golf club in your pocket or are you just miserable to see me?


8. Can I submit stories about my own golfing experiences?

Sure! We appreciate user submissions and encourage creativity in your recollections. Please check our contact page, or better yet, like us on Facebook.

9. I’d still like to find out more, how do I contact Gothic Golf?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please check our contact page.

10. But I can’t find your contact page?

Take a hint.