Gothic Golf is a sporting ideology aimed at a niche market.

Fundamentally it’s an adaptation of traditional golf which gives consideration to the habitual night-life of the Goth sub-culture. This principle closes the gap between alternative and mainstream lifestyles by promoting a new recreational and sporting choice. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, it’s miserably entertaining.

Family that golfs together, stays together.

I found golf was a great way to share my world with my dad. I don’t think we have anything else in common!



Dark obsession

It’s an alternative to the club scene but I still get the music, mood and mulled mead.



It’s cathartic

It’s just a game and I get to hit things. I get to make the little ball fly into the night. Wheeeeeee!



Fits my lifestyle

I’m not a sports buff – most people get that – but I thrive on the competition and challenge of golf.



This is a non-discriminative movement, catering to the needs of the contemporary Goth without scrutiny. From Victorian to punk, to those little creatures with lopsided haircuts – this concept is devoted to opening minds and introducing sport into a sub-culture that has developed a shocking posture over the years.

Gothic Golf has become a symbol of tolerance and mutual respect between savvy Goths and mainstream golfers. Horned hand-gestures often meet polite golf-claps in shows of unity and respect from wider audiences.

Expression is key and the movement has given rise to many forms of art and resourcefulness. Fans of Gothic Golf have contributed items (some practical, others painful) to enhance the experience of their peers. We encourage all expression and appreciate all fan submissions.